Agency Online is our front-end application.

Quotations Module

Agency Online’s Quotations Module enhances your current quoting application. By integrating with Oasis, you'll have a centralized platform for assigning RFQs. Furthermore, comprehensive dashboards will provide your team with the information they need -- from the status of an RFQ, project, or bid; to alternatives; or whose likely to win a bid.

The many benefits of the Quotations Module include:

• Centralized queue for all incoming RFQs.

• Reduction of email traffic.

• Simplified process for assigning RFQs and projects.

• Ability to capture, review, and distribute key project information across your organization.

• Auto notification and messaging to ensure timely responses and follow-ups.

• Summary and detailed views of your team's RFQs and projects.

• Instant messaging to ensure real-time communication.