Agency Online is our front-end application.

Project Coordinators Module

Agency Online’s Project Coordinators Module is designed for the project or operations team that takes over once a bid has been won. Designed to complement your existing ordering and shipping system, it consolidates and presents information in a comprehensive and simple to understand interface. From project assignment, to shipment tracking and reconciliation, your team will have the information they need to oversee their projects from winning the bid to project completion.

Benefits of the Project Coordinators Module include:

Hand off process from quote team to project team.

Ability to see track and see status of all projects.

Ability to track and see status of all orders and items.

Ability to assess project team workloads.

Set up auto notifications and follow-ups to ensure things don’t fall through the cracks.

Ability to capture, review, and distribute key project information across the organization.

Instant messaging to ensure real-time communication.