Centera Systems

Providing solutions to the lighting sales industry

What we do

Centera Systems provides support for the lighting sales industry with our two flagship products: Agency Online and RD2.

Agency Online

Agency Online is a front-end application designed specifically for lighting sales agencies to consolidate, distribute, report, and act on all customer and project information, from pre-design through to warranty. Whether on mobile, tablet, or laptop, information is available in real time to whoever needs it, whenever they need it, wherever they are.

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RD2 (Remote Drag & Drop) allows you to remotely connect to Oasis from anywhere. Our secure environment features full drag and drop functionality and reduces the need for multiple Oasis installations.

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Agency Online connects seamlessly with your existing software (including Oasis and Sage) to enhance your productivity.


With Agency Online, you'll implement only the modules you need. When you're ready to add other teams, you'll do so quickly and painlessly.


Complete access to all customer, project, and account information - an informed sales team is an effective sales team.

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From initial bid to warranty care, you'll provide the exceptional support that wins customers.

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Control and manage the quotation process from initial enquiry to winning bid. Know exactly where you are no matter how many projects are in your pipeline.

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Project Coordinators

Experience has shown that winning a bid is only half the battle. Track and manage all your projects so they run smoothly and efficiently.

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Keep your Controls team in the loop, communicating quickly and effectively when generating quotes and managing projects.

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Today's challenging environment has demonstrated the need for your team to work remotely, whether at home or on the road.

Agency Online gives you immediate, real-time access to your information wherever you are.

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