Agency Online is our front-end application.

Agency Online

Agency Online is a front-end application designed specifically for lighting sales agencies to consolidate, distribute, report, and act on all customer and project information, from pre-design through to warranty. Whether on mobile, tablet, or laptop, information is available in real time to whoever needs it, whenever they need it, wherever they are.

With Agency Online, you'll have a structured sales process and a central communication and collaboration center. Your entire organization – from bid team to project lead to management – will interact on the same platform ensuring that everyone has access to the information they need. No longer will critical information be hidden in inaccessible e-mail accounts or unavailable spreadsheets.

With Agency Online, you'll view, measure, and report on manufacturer and customer performance including analytics on product mixes and manufacturer mix by customer. You'll have visibility into the sales pipeline with a clear understanding of the orders that are booked in, held for release, or released in production. Instant access to enterprise-wide orders will provide you with leverage when negotiating prices with manufacturers.

Although designed for lighting sales agencies, Agency Online is not “off-the-shelf” software – it's custom-designed for your specific needs. Our team of analysts and technicians will work with you to ensure a tool as unique as your business.